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Sep 2012
3:56 AM CST

Had a good dream about mom, we were in church, I doing the altar boy with Father Bates which erupted into a picket of some kind outside that was quickly changing into a riot. Mom and I left and walking down a sidewalk looking left, noticed at the end of a driveway next to a house, dad, holding something. Looking closer, saw that it was a shotgun, then suddenly mom appears next to him also holding a shotgun, both pointing at a hornets nest. Dad once told me about some hornets that had stung him in the top of his head, sounded bad and I think it hurt because by the way he'd recalled the story, whewee. All of a sudden, they both fired the shotguns, both running into the garage screaming as they were being chased. Then my sister Terri appears and I ask, shouldn't we go get em and she replies, I'd leave em in there as if to suggest they knew or know what they're wanting to do. It was good to see mom and dad having fun together. Reminds me of the earlier days when I was 5 or 10 years old and both mom and dad smiled and laughed much more than in my teen and adult years. Made me feel good to see them having a good time, which I know they did through the first 20 years or so but after leaving home I'd lost track but do recall when I did speak to mom or dad they were usually ok but not as happy as they had once been. This whole dream thing may have started with eating a PB Twix and sipping a pepsi or an extension of thoughts as they are my chosen subject for a Gender Analysis Essay I'm writing for ENG 106, maybe both but the dream was good and fun for everyone. Miss you mom and dad, made me laugh. ;D
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