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Aug 2019
5:19 PM

August 2019

Gier back 28th July still here on the 8/8/19 Vodka Gin - snacks very pleasent .His enviromental friends are doing very well. Also Jida back on 8th .Liz gave my hip great massage feels 100% better even though she nearly made me cry.on top all her elements know has a bad heel to go with her knee shoulder etc wish I could pay her back with a massage. Mother and ddaughter duo did stay around two weeks but could not go back after being in room 9. Scotts girlfrinds missed trian charge 18 for 5 persons In pub till 2am speaking to susy sue re child care expedia and air B&B Had a tab in belgravia first time ever had a beer with Paul Longpre told how his father was french canadian who was a gold prospector
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