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Feb 2017
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Proper Planning Prohibits Poor Performance

Planning is an essential part for doing something substantial, if you are clear with what you want and how you will get it done, half of your job is done. Lately, more emphasis has been given on how to align the workforce and the organizational goals. Although thorough research and detailed analytic of the market helps you track your planning process. Today the onus of workforce planning has been laid on the shoulders of an HR, who keeps a sync between the goals and the realization of it.

The job of a human resource manager is to identify the gaps which are abridging between the workforce and organizational goals. Workforce management has become an ‘it’ trend and why not, many companies have managed to tackle crisis due to proper planning involved. Indeed, proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance.

Since startup are the new craze and revolutionizing the digital business opportunities, let’s take a cue from them, on why workforce planning is so essential. �A start up is an amalgamation of great business idea and proper planning of driving revenue. No matter how great the business strategy be, but without a clear idea on how to run the business, the chance of making profit turns very thin. Many of us has seen the evolution and devolution of start-up – the reason claimed ranges from lack of funding to fallout among executives.

Little do we realize that all these can be avoided, only with better workforce management and human resource planning? A start up is a business format where the need for a proper human resources planning is hugely felt, right from the starting point to the saturation and result bearing stage. Since the company starts growing slowly, there are chances of lack of productivity, clash of ideas, late deliverable – It is during this phase that a company needs to get hold a manager who can coordinate all this aspect and sync them for better results.

Workforce planning is a succession of plans wherein the human resource manager inculcate leadership and management skills among employee for deriving the best result. There are few strategies to human resource planning which acts like a tool to optimize the workforce results. But different companies have different strategies for operational workforce planning, which depends on the size of the company.

A strategy is designed after the company goals are clearly defined, which again depends on the nature of the business and the targets they wish to achieve.

A plan is streamline according to the employee strength, project, functional needs, etc.� Workforce Planning is a major requisite of a human resource manager, and is one of their core functions. Establishing the team, assigning KRA, driving business, working on financial strategy, ensuring proper two way flow of communication – all these fall under the human resource planning strategy. This is just one step which needs to be followed, after successful completion of these, there are further strategic approaches which needs to be designed. Hiring is another big factor that influences and determines how successful workforce and human resource planning is.
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