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Feb 2016
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The Evolution of the Game of Golf, Infographic

Golf is one of the most long lasting games in the history, it has endured a lot and has come a long way from wooden sticks and balls to being one of the most exhilarating sports of all time. Given below, is the Infographic presented by the Lago Mar country club which describes the history of golf with brevity.

Irrespective of all the debates and disparities among the opinionated historians, the origin of the golf is believed to be Scotland.

The roots of the games are found in the song dynasty of china during the years 960 to 1279. In the 17th century this game was a seemly pastime for the British Denizens and same culture prevailed across the world. The fist British Open tournament took place in 1860. Royal Montreal Club in Canada became the first permanent golf club of North America in 1873.

Professional Golf Association of America which is the current governing body was founded in 1916. Amateurs were allowed to play in tournaments like British open and US open. However, the tournaments like worlds golf championships prohibited amateurs and allowed only professionals to become a part.

By 1920 tournament golf had become substantiated event all over the world and continues to do so today.

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