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Jul 2015
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Solar PV Panels: WhyTthey are Important?

In recent years, the concept of green living has gained popularity across the world. Whether we talk of homeowners or large corporations, an increasing number of people are now using clean, renewable energy to meet their energy requirements. However, a majority of people continue to rely on conventional fuels to meet residential and commercial energy requirements. Despite the progress being made, green energy has a long way to go before global transition to renewable energy becomes a reality.

Installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in residential and commercial building is one of the most common ways to adopt green energy.

What are solar PV panels?

Solar PV panels basically convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity generated using solar PV can be used to operate all types of commercial equipment and residential appliances including refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines etc.


In 1954, the first solar PV device was introduced by Bell Labs in the US. However, it was only after the energy crisis in 1970s, the interest in solar PV technology grew across the world. Although, many industry developments took place, the cost of solar PV panels remained high. Due to high installation costs, most homeowners and small businesses couldn’t afford to install solar PV panels in homes and offices.

This, however, has changed in recent years. With increased manufacturing and improvements in technology, the cost of solar PV installation has come down. As a result, solar PV panels have become more affordable. Attractive schemes launched by governments have provided the push needed to increase the use of solar PV panels. In the UK, for example, the Feed-in Tariff scheme has made it possible for homeowners to generate a decent monthly income by installing solar PV panels and exporting the surplus electricity to the grid. So, apart from reducing the monthly energy bills, the homeowners can earn extra income by installing solar PVs. Moreover, installation of solar panels can lead to a considerable increase in the market value of a home.

In the coming years, the use of solar panels in Leeds and other parts of the UK is expected to increase. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, installation of solar PV panels is an excellent way to do your bit for the environment and make this world a better place to live in.

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