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May 2021
3:50 AM PKT

Ease of ordering cakes online

With the advent of science and technology, our lives have become super easy. However, some people would refer this ease as laziness. But the thing is, advancement of technology has made lives less complicated. For instance, 20 years back, you would have to go to any shop in person if you wanted to have anything from there. Sometimes it would also happen with people that the thing they wished to have was not available at that shop. Later on with passing time, GSM became common. Every other shopkeeper or store owner had a mobile phone and a contact number to which people could contact them. People would then call the shop and ask for the availability of the required thing and then they would go there. This technology helped in saving time.
However, technology did not stop there. Technology kept on progressing and progressing. With this progress ease came along it. A few years after 2010, the social media was on boom. The local businesses realized the potential of social media and the importance of digitalization. The business then started making their digital presence. From a grocery store to a bakery, every other thing was going digital. Now you could order cakes online of your choice. Whether you like it customized or not, ordering cake online was a major ease that digitalization could have provided. The reason being, earlier an individual had to visit a bakery and tell them about their requirements and get a cake. But now you can simply download an app or visit the bakery’s social media and see which of their cakes are hot selling and you can order it directly from there and get it delivered at your door step.
Moreover, with the advancement of social media, many housewives also started their bakeries while being at home. Ordering birthday cake in Sharjahin today’s world has become as easy as A B C. all you need to do this post on the Facebook that you need a cake with these requirements and you’ll see home-made bakeries considering your order. There is a high chance that your neighbor’s might also have an online bakery as well.
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