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Aug 2009
12:18 PM EDT

Okay, so, I'm better today. (:

So, I spent the night at Jenna's house and we were talking about Alex. =/ And so she made me realize how unlikely it is that I will have a class with him. I have AP�US�History instead of normal US History so he won't be in that class. Then I'm a year ahead in math so he won't be in that class either. Science and English he could be in but WHATEVER. French he won't be doing again I don't think. And even if he was he would be taking French 1 again and I'm now on French 2. He could be in my psychology class. I�don't think he will be taking Art 2. And he might be taking photography. But he won't be looping science I don't think so I don't have to worry about that.�And so I am going to optimistic and hope he won't be in any of my classes.

On another way happier note. I�went to the football game last night and Lowell kicked ass of course. (: I�had a ton of fun hanging with people I haven't talked to in FOREVER. Then after Jenna and I had a sleepover like I mentioned before. We snuck out and walked to meijer and I got carmels. And a frozen coke. Oh and because the big 24 ounce or whatever they are were on sale I got a 6 pack for like $2.50. hahaha. It was great.

And we talked Allen into have a sleepover sometime next week. And I'm fucking pumped.

Sorry for the harsh wordssss. Ahahaha.

Oh yeah and I apologize for all the swearing in the last post. I was just pissed and freaking out. But I'm good now. (:

Imma go now.


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Aug 2009
7:58 AM EDT


Okay, so it has been a while since I was on here. Like I dunno, aaaall summer. Haha. But yeah. I'm back. And I'm not happy incase you couldn't tell from the title.

You know how a few posts ago I was really happy because Alex was expelled and I wouldn't have to deal with him? Well guess who is back.�Alex obviously. I don't know if everyone was wrong about him getting expelled or if they let him back or what but there he was at orientation yesterday.�I, of course, was the first one of my friends to see him. And then we kept seeing him all around the school. Seriously FUCK�MY�LIFE. Why the hell does this have to happen to me. I personally didn't say a word to him but my friends did. I really hope I don't have any classes with him. If I do I am scared I will start liking him again. And I don't want to... FML.

Thanks for listening to my rambling. haha.



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Jun 2009
1:12 PM EDT

the party was fun.

alannah and I aren't fighting really anymore...

at least I think everything is cool with us.


Listening to: Rain, Thunder and Barbeque Stain by Tim Mcgraw.

Reading: These words, and a story on quizilla called "A Royal Pain In The Ass... And I Have To Marry Him?" It's pretty good.

other than that I'm bored.

I want something to do.

I'm on my sister's laptop again by the way.

I love it. :)))))


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Jun 2009
6:05 PM EDT

Okay so I want to punch someone.

Ok so my friend Brandi is having a party tomorrow because school is out. So we are celebrating. And so I was all pumped for it. I'm gonna spend the night at one of my other friend, Jenna's,� house that night. And I�had Jenna over last night. And so we invited one of my other best friends, Alannah, to spend the night and we fought a bit about it but I was over it and so was Jenna. And so today we invited Alannah to spend the night too because that was her idea orgionally yesterday. And so we expected her to say yes, and she started bitching us out and she said something like she didn't want to make her not wanting to spend the night yesterday a big deal but jenna and i were over it and she wouldn't get over it. So we fought. And I almost never fight with her. So I'm pretty fucking pissed. And really wanna punch someone. Fuck.

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Jun 2009
10:25 AM EDT

hey hey hey!

ok so it is currently friday. when i would normally be at school, instead i am home. because school is OUT! :))))

ahaha i'm happy.

plus i'm typing this on my sisters laptop. SCORE.

oh by the way, please comment.

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May 2009
1:10 PM EDT

So guess who is in a majorly good mood again!�:))))

I�haven't been on in quite a while.

Not counting yesterday. I didn't post yesterday.

But whatever.

Update on my life?


Alex got expelled. I couldn't care less. :)))))

I still hate Tessa. I've never liked her. She bothers me. Then again all those annoying people who do drugs annoy me.

One of my friends broke my camera...�So now I�have to borrow my parents camera when I want to use a camera. I liked mine waaaay better.

All the drama in my life is gone for the most part. I can't think of any drama currently...

Jenna, Allen and I hung out yesterday. It was a ton of fun.

Uhm... What else???? Hmm.

I don't currently like anyone... At least not in a romantic way. :))))

I'm a nerd get over it.

Had a math test today.I�think I did really well. Like only 2 points off I think... Of course that probably means I failed.

Science test today... I think I did pretty well on that too. Not quite as well though.


At this time I am listening to music, on facebook, posting this, and texting.

I would like to talk... Comment. Message. Something.

4 more days of school! :))))

Au Revoir!

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Apr 2009
3:24 PM EDT


talk to me?

i'm happy.

but incredibly bored.

so comment please.



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Apr 2009
7:47 AM EDT

Once again it has been forever.

So once again it has been FOREVER since I've been on here. I've just kind of been crazy busy.

So yeah so much has been happening.

I'm currently in health class and incredibly the school hasn't blocked inboxjournal.�I was surprised. So yeah. I'll prolly get on later and put up a better entry. Or I'll forget.

Oh sugar foot class is over.



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Apr 2009
3:07 PM EDT

oh so incredibly...

i''m on again. aren't you surprisedededed.


sorry hyperness.

so i'm like incredibly happy.

i think i might be starting to get over Alex. Which is oh so incredible also.

he's just a stupid boy.

screw him.

who needs such a stupid boy.



I�is happy.

This day has been kind of incredible.

Tomorrow will be better.

One more day of school then Spring Break BABY.

Hellz to the yeah!(ahahahaha inside joke)

plus gym will be easy tomorrow.

as will geometry.

we is having a FIESTA.


health will equal really easy again. because i'm done with my project.

i don't particularilly want to go to science for fear of starting to like Alex a lot more again.

But whateverrrr. At least it didn't but me today when the ho Tessa was ALL�over Alex.

Computers is always easy so that will be good.

Tomorrow is gonna be fucking epic.

Ahaha sorry for the strong language there.

We all know I NEVER swear. *wink wink*



so yeahh.

i'm gone.



6 comment(s) - 06:40 PM - 04/19/2009
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