Apr 2010
9:26 PM EET


:) It's always great to start something with a sincere smile. Whenever you're sad and low you can still give a way a smile from the deepest portion of your heart. Yeah I believe so,because i can do that. I smile when i feel like smiling so when I feel otherwise, I just don't. Just saying. hehe. ;p

I thought this day will be just an ordinary day for me. I was wrong though! My friend came by and we've talked about a� lot of things :) We haven't had enough time but anyway Im glad she came. I miss her so much and the rest of my friends. I want to see them but they have respective jobs� so there isn't I can do much about it. Everytime they came by my� home, I want to stop the time. I want them to spend time with me a little longer. I love them and I realize that my love for them keeps on growing as I, myself grow old. They're so awesome! oh more than awesome! I could hardly describe them. Words aren't enough tbh.

Thank you God for giving me such great friends! I promise to keep them always and forever. ♥


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