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May 2017
1:06 PM

Today is May 26, 2017 On the 7th I was 90 years old.I am writing this at the Starbucks in Alta Loma. Nikon is at the groomer on Archibald and Baseline. I spoke to a photographer artist. He is in his fifties. We spoke about the museum's in Paris, Berlin and Milan where the Dada artists like Salvadore Dali are represented. We spoke about time. He says for him time does not exist. For me time is an illusion I said. To each his/her own. I have arrived at the point where everything happening in the world is ok with me. I don't have to agree with certain actions or events. But since it is beyond my control I let it be. It does not add to my baggage, I travel through life light with no stress. ????
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