daredevil8's Journal

Dec 2007
12:54 PM CDT

nah, I as said by a wise man, I am what I am, and I do what I do, thats
what I stand what abotu u?
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  • Username: daredevil8
  • Gender / Age: Male, 29
  • Location: USA - Illinois
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    About Me: I'm a nice guy but a bit aggressive at times the only main times when I get mad it when I see something that 's really bad or am hurt my a personal thing (u know what I mean) I am a passionate person putting everything I got in what I do

    Interests: Sports, /9mainly football) fruends, girls, etc

    Favorite Music: country

    Favorite Movies: Daredevil, any spiderman movie, Army of darkness

    Favorite Books: The ender series, Left behind series