Little Plastic Castle

Aug 2009
2:19 PM PDT


Noon: I can start updating again.� Someday I'll write about why I�had to stop for so long.

- Dirty Girl &�I will be moving into a new house this week.� Two move events, Friday-Sun, and then Monday the movers come to get the big/heavy stuff


8AM - Must finish SuperSearch systems Edison & Tesla by Friday 8/28.

9AM - WAS�Upgrade meating with Peter &�the rest of the upgrade team.� They need both NWIE�VM�images set up by Friday also.

Since 10am this morning I've been working on ITP project, ME2:

- ITP ME2 servers are moved to Columbus

- Cuervo and I�are re-ip'ing them and trying to get them to start up normally in the new network space.� Stuffer was being a total pain in the arse for a while but I�think I�have him on-board with the action items.

- must edit /etc/ldap.conf &�/etc/openldap.conf to add line:

nns_initgroups_ignoreusers root,ldap,named,avahi,haldaemon,dbus,satellite

- edit /etc/modules.conf &�remove reference to pcnet32

- edit /etc/fstab and remove 3 lines added by vmware

- After demter &�hestia are done, the rest of the boxes should come up without issue

- Forgot to change /etc/resolv.conf.� Hestia can't resolve anyone so she's not letting us in.� but that shouldn't happen with the nss line.� hmm.

- chkconfig off rhnsd &�osad?


4:40PM - every one of these servers are fucked.� none of them can get on the network to talk with their LDAP host, so none of them will let anyone log in.� What a fucking nightmare.� I�have to break into every one of these machines and fix the configurations.

All of them get host name changes

IP�addresses changed


LDAP hosts

VMWare Tools



Mail Relays

Backup Clients

This has to happen or it won't come online.� If it won't come online, you can't log in.� :)



- Mr.�T said that the firewall rules were just finished and the network is shut off on these servers until the IPs are changed etc.� No wonder we couldn't even ping gateway.� It would have been nice to be informed of that bit of trivia.

- fuckers -

- We're going to call it a day and sleep a bit if we can.

- AM�- must talk to Cole and get my access level bumped up so I�can initiate tool installs without hand holding.

�- Have to get nets turned on and test accesses.

�- Get Cuervo the info that he needs to carry this on without me, or with Stuffer.�

- Dirty Girl &�I are going to meet Nikita to give her the $$ and get the $K.

�- I'll meet Grandpa Simpson and trade my Mercedes for his Suburban for the weekend.� Dirty Girl takes Scooby to work, I�bring Suburban back here and finish Oracle server build for WAS Project, and get UID's created on Edison &�Tesla for Country Boy, Becky, and Kipper.


Calling it a night, logging out of work.� Going to start tearing down the other computers and prepping them for the move.


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