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Aug 2017
4:48 AM CEST

Apply For Data Science Certifications

Navigating the professional environment of Big Data is a challenging task, with extensive core background skills alongside constant training and expertise at the right stages of your career. Data scientists, for instance, provides the context and information necessary for companies and agencies to track their growth, execute strategy, organize, and prepare for the future. A great deal of machine learning and data analysis concepts are taught through the course of an individual’s career, to prepare them for the coming challenges in their own roles. The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) provides you with an expansive body of knowledge with which you may expand your training and expertise by applying for big data certifications.

Our credentialing philosophy focuses on sharpness of ‘perspective of industry and profession’ and the depth of ‘knowledge that builds’. At another level, professionals certified by DASCA also demonstrate a usefully clear understanding of the entire range of roles, functions, and responsibilities they are expected to dispense in the most challenging of Big Data problems and Data Science applications and environments internationally, alongside showcasing your professional accolades and certifications across your professional platforms.

Apply for Data Science Certifications
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