blahbee jr.

Mar 2009
3:29 PM MDT

10 things about my day and realize...


I haven't been on the computer for a month =D�it's my record. =D�I dunno why. Sometimes, afterschool i just wanna get away from socializing since i suck at it. antisocial? i duno. don't ask me.

I�hate mr. braid. he sucks. hes the worse physed teacher anybody could get.� NO OFFENCE

Tomorrow's gonna be the worse day of my life. Friday's gonna be hell on earth.

WHy am i writing an entry? because.. i'm trying to connect to myself. and .. to accept myself. I need to write a journal entry =D�

Self-love, self-acceptance, unconditional love and compassion for others, inner peace, harmony and balance.

Try: Keep a gratitude journal, show compassion and kindness toward yourself and others, forgive yourself and others, buy yourself a special gift, listen to beautiful music.

OR a gratitude journal.

what� am i grateful for,

okay lets start with ... 10 good things about my day

1. I got some spaghetti from Brittany.

2.�I showered

3. i finished the 4th season of Lost. ( i know.. i'm not up to date)

4. I�had fun in LA

5. i GOT married. again!�heha

6. I divorced

7. i have a signiture wedding walk

8. I have at least 5 friends i could count on in LJHS

9. I found a nice guy to talk to .=D�

10. FINALLY. I�... figured there's no use feeling sorry for myself.

SO. there are many nice people in the world. how come i never came around to see them? I�should slow down my life and take it the way i did. a slow steady pace. maybe i'd learn to appreciate who i am now. appreciate those around me =D because i love them. i gotta remember that. (writes on hand)�woah. i love me. =D�



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