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Feb 2020
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Happy Relationship

To become a friend, you need to pass the first three levels of communication sequentially.

But in the case of love, everything is more complicated: often, if mutual feelings arise suddenly, the beloved can automatically move from the first or second level to the fifth and become almost the center of the world. Contrary to a common stereotype, a friendly relationship between a man and a woman is possible, but only if none of them have romantic feelings for each other, such as attraction, passion, love, or love.
� �In some cases, there is a friendship in which one of the friends (or both) hide their true feelings. If neither of them decides to open up, the relationship will remain within the framework of friendship.
� � Also, in some friendly relationships between a man and a woman, there is sex that is pleasant for them and does not oblige them to anything. Such friendships are called friendships with privileges.

Romantic relationships between a guy and a girl can be divided into the following types:

Mutual development. The basis of such relations is the desire for joint development. by the way, if you suddenly find yourself in another country, then you will be helped by a VPN and you can install it here
.� A man and a woman are engaged in joint activities, communicate a lot, have a lot of common interests, can conduct joint business, support each other in the process of improvement. Such relationships are often chosen by rationalists and pragmatists.
Full mutual understanding. This is a spiritualized Union in which each of the partners is so comfortable that they only get pleasure from the fact of being next to each other.
Calculation. In such a relationship, at least one of the partners is looking for a direct benefit.
Such a Union is not always bad, especially if a man and a woman are able to negotiate with each other.
Experiment. A man and a woman who are in such a relationship tend to remake the partner for themselves, so that it is as convenient as possible. This relationship is hardly worth continuing.
Tightness. One of the most unpleasant types of relationships. A man and a woman who are in a Union often quarrel, may diverge and converge again. They should have split up, but for some personal reason they continue to be together.
. Physical intimacy versus emotional intimacy
It is enough for a man to have visual contact with a woman before sex, while a woman wants romance and emotional intimacy.�
A man is attracted to a spectacle, a woman is attracted to a man's personality. A man can start immediately – a woman needs time for emotional and psychological preparation.
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