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Oct 2009
5:03 PM EDT


Well Mike came cover Monday night he & Mindy had broken up &�he had no where to stay. He asked to stay w/ Aleea so I said yes. He was laying on the couch when I walked out & layed w/ him. Of course we ended up in the room &�well you can only guess from there. I had high expectations like a fool. Tonight Wed night he told me he had cheated on Mindy so they broke up &�that he was a mess &�he couldn't be w/ me. He says he loved me but can't be w/ me. I am hurt all over again! What was I thinking? Why was I so foolish? How do I keep letting him destoy me? Why the hell can't I just move on? it been over 7 mos. &�he is still where my heart is. Why wont God stop my pain? Every man I meet from Rich to Gorgeous tells me how perfect I am &� yet I run from everyone but him..... My heart is still Mike Boones....

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