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Sep 2009
4:25 PM EDT

I made it through another day.... It's amazes me people ask how you are not because they actually care but to make convo. Most dont even really listen. Half that do only because they are hoping you are worse of then them. Those that do only care because they care for you &�are secrety hoping you will hurry up &�get over this. I know no one wants to hear that I still love &�miss him but I do. I do every damn I miss him. I miss our family life, I miss our sex, I miss being loved, I miss kissing him by every morning &�Aleea doing also, I miss the way he knew what I like &�needed, I miss having someone to talk to. I miss so much! I miss having someone there not only someone but I miss him. Does he miss me? Does he still love me? Will I ever stop loving & needing him?

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