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Sep 2009
8:04 AM EDT

Its been a while & hell where do I begin. Mikes aunt Lori told me he let Mindy keep AJ but she couldn't handle her &�took her to Michelles. I confronted him on this & finally told him how I knew & he to this day is denying it. My trust is so broken in him. I never thought he would do this. He has no respect for me as her mother. At the same time I am still hurt & angry. How could he detroy everything for Mindy? He was suppose to take Aleea today but he won even answer my texts. He never called to tell her good night last night &�she cried to call him. She deserves better &�so do I. I am just waiting for that person I guess the man he used to be. Sometimes I regret leaving IL because I know we would still be together. AJ would have him every day not just part time when Mindy will allow him to see her. He even canceled last Firday noght on his weekend because he was sick but yet he goes to work the next day. I was so sick I & yet I kept her. Where the is a will there is a way! I guess nowits tiime to make my way through all of this & find HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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