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Aug 2009
5:10 PM EDT

I am sitting here w/ tears running down my face like so many nights over the past 5 mos. I called you to tell you about Aleea appt. to her specialist & you said you have to work. I talked to Aleea for a second. I tried to call at 7:30 to tell her goodnight &�you said you would call when you got in that she was a sleep I asked if she was w/ you &�you said yes. Its 9 & you didn't call. I feel like when you know how strong my love is you take advantage of my feelings. I know you have moved on &�it kills me to know. What do I do from here? I asked god to have you come home or take my feelings for you away! There still here &�you aren't. How is that fair??? I am so sorry I fucked up so much I just need one more chance to show you I can fix this &�make it ok! The sad part is I would even let him keep seeing her just to show him I can do this. I know if you would give me a chance he would want to come home to me &�Aleea. I don’t think I am going to get my chance &�how do I prepare for that?

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