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Aug 2009
4:38 PM EDT

Another day has come &�gone &�you have been on my mind all day! Everyone says I should just let you go but I cant seem to do that. I know in my heart you have moved one�&�may be happier w/o me I just wish I could say the same. If it's not meant to be why wont God take�this pain away. People say date to make you jealous but honestly I have no need or want too. Guys call &�I just push them away. I am still not ready! I love you Mike Boone w/ all my heart &�soul!!!! I am so sorry for all the pain i have caused you. I am so sorry I abadonded you when you needed me most. I only wish you could here these words &�know I mean them. I swear on everything I love I mean them!!!!

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