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Aug 2009
4:38 PM EDT

This week something dawned on me that I really hadn't put much thought into. For 3 1/2 years I had to sit back &�know Mike & Mindy where "friends" when my stomach said she had ill intent. When our break up first started he has asked me to remain his friend &�I took all his calls, texts, &�emails to help ease his pain. He is now telling me I am not his girlfriend &�I don’t have the right to just call &�chit chat that hurts me so much. He doesn't realize I made him my EVERYTHING. He wasn't just my b/f but my best friend. Someone I could always turn to &�count on. Now I am so hurt that I don’t even have that. Everyone says walk away &�he will come back but I really don’t see that happening. Will I ever be able to except that act that my family is forever destroyed. I will never have the chance to make this right again!

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