May 2011
2:09 AM AEST


Dear online internet world posting diary knowen as Lila,
I want to know what people thought of my poem:


anyway OMG i havent been on here for ages........ too busy
Anyways let ne fill u in on stuffffffff:
Best friends with Mish and Lilli
Decided Erin was ok
Jorgii is going 2 b in a movie
Zoe ... well Zoe is a good singer
and omg I and auditioning for a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok i g2g


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Jan 2011
9:43 PM AEST


Someone plz help!!!!!
Erin is soo mean!!
She asked me "Heyy Zo, do u like cordial?"
I said "No umm why?""OMG ZOE� that is soooo mean!!" The Lilli comes along "Heyy guys whats....." "lilli can u belive so HATES CORDIAL!!! hom mean!!!!!"
That was what happened :(
How do i deal with it
I can not live my life with some angry freak telling me i have to like cordial!!!
1 comment(s) - 03:20 AM - 04/12/2011
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Nov 2010
9:54 PM EDT

Today or not today

Dear Lila,
I want to know what to do.
Whether to ask the guy i like out or not.
It is a hard question. He is so quet and he hardly talks to anyone except a guy called pat (he used to be my neighbour) and he is friends With Oli (the guy i like)
and so i have no idea what to do.
Well Lila my very dear online Diary you cannot talk so i am trusting the public to help.
Well today didn't go as well as i planned. It was a rainy day so i am like "Well it's raining it's pouring i'd rather be asleep snoring!" But i picked up my bag and Mum drove me to school. I got to school, and Lilli was listening to her ipod with Mishika,
now i don't usully get fussed over this sort of stuff but i have been friends with Lilli
since year 2 and now i am in year 5. Mishika came this year and............. i don't want to say it but she took over Lilli. There I said it the truth is out oh why am i such a baby when it comes to the truth?
Anyway i think i am quite brave posting this to the public when someone like Lilli Mishka or anyone from my school can just come on here!!!
Especilly Oliver if he come on here and sees this I AM DOOMED!!!
Anyway Mishika and Lilli are like "We are best friends no one else"
"Hi Guys (Me) "Do you here somthing Lilli" (Mishika) "Why no Mishika only a annoying bzzzzzz" (Lilli) Well that was a example not what really happened but still it feels that way.
Well there is one thing that has been bothering me.
I mean i love writing poetry but Erin (My friend) and Zoe (Erins best friend my friend too) Said "Oh Zoe you are soooo bad at poetry!"
Well i need the publics opinion Here is a poem

Silent as the shadows breath
Swift as ghostly horse
Crying in it's dark�death
Killed yet by force

Shadowy lakes breath quietly
Haunted by the past
It creeps ever so silently
Then it makes it's cast

Grabbed by the ghostly hand
pale as can be
It's ghostly body finally lands
By the shore of the unborn sea

Silent as the shadows breath
Swift like a ghostly horse
Crying in it's dark death
Killed yet by force


Hope you like it after i wrote that i feel alot better.
Please tell me what you think of it

Yours Truely


4 comment(s) - 03:15 PM - 11/09/2010
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Nov 2010
1:21 AM EDT

For those who love you love them back especilly those who hate you
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