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Dec 2007
8:26 AM EDT

The trip to VA was nice. We left last Saturday morning about 4:30 am and arrived at my sister's at 2:30. We could have been there by 2:00 had it not been for the traffic on Military Hwy. Anyway, we chilled there for a couple of hours, waiting for my sister. But we ended up leaving before she got home, and we went to my sister-in-law's where we stayed for the duration. As soon as we got there, we were in the pool. Then everybody started arriving a little while later. My sister- in-law had food on the grill on the patio!!! My nephew and his girlfriend showed up first. Then my sister and her "fiance". Then my cousin and her son, and others were in and out all night. Of course the adults got lit with the exception of one or two, so that they could stay sobber to watch the kids in the pool and to be able to drive home. Then the next day (Sunday) we had the cookout to honor my nephew who was graduating on Wednesday. Nephew was happy, as he collected cash, a laptop, and later a truck from his grandfather! Now he just has to actually get his license and some insurance. Everybody stayed sober at this picnic, of course (no drinking goin on at all). It was actually chilly out that day. Monday and Tuesday were decent days. But we could not swim in the pool as my sister-n-law had put more chemical into the pool on Sunday at some point, and turned the pump back on and it was not operating. So she called the pool guy, who never showed up until Wednesday at 5:00 pm, just before we were leaving to go to my nephew's graduation. The graduation ceremony was held outside in a nice arena, but it was cold as hell because it was by the water. The next few days it remained chilly as it rained off and on. We never got to swim again untilon Saturday (before we left on Sunday). My daughter was not happy about that for sure. But in all, we had a nice visit with my sisters. Only one little flare-up (drama) but I won't go into that.
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