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Jul 2008
11:45 AM EDT

JUNE 13, 2008 SUNDAY

Well tomorrow I get to go back to work. I went to the diabetic doc on Thursday. She is pleased with my progress.� Work has me "floating" to another place. It will cost me more in gas...but I guess it's better then dealing with the B.S at work.

I finally started to exercise yesterday. I did 30 min on the gym bike at the apartment. Today I was on 43 minutes when I started to get chest pains. Went home and took two asprins. It got better-I am still alive.

Went to church with dad and then didn't do much of anything else the rest of the day. my sugar was spiking high today and my stomach feels funny. Oh boy...back to work and I pray I am ok to work.

Well, I couldn't get on this to type a journal...I couldn't remember my Well, i am back now-lets just hope I feel good this week to type the journal.

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    About Me: I am a type 1 diabetic that has gastroparesis and retina hemorrages, I went to the Cleveland Clinic In Weston, FL and saw Dr. Rosthenal. He told me that instead of getting a pacemaker in my stomach that IF I got the gastrobypass surgery (also for weight loss). That i would no longer have this gastroparesis. Well...He LIED. I had the gastro bypasss May 12, 2008. I have been out of the hospital about a total of 8 days this month. Every 2 days I am back in the hospital and since I have NO veins, they have to go to surgery to put centeral lines in my neck or groin. I have become very depressed. Everyone sugar coats the sugery. So I am here to tell anyone who wants to listen how my journey's going. So far it sucks!

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