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Jul 2006
11:25 AM EDT

So i met this guy who is irresitable and so not the right one for me as far as my mom is concerned but i can't help but like him so much. I have noticed him coming into my place of buisness alot and he stays for hours. I started flirting with him about 2 months ago to see if there was anything there and to my suprise he flirted back. So last week i made cookies for everyone and hoping i might see him i brought him some also. He came in that night and i gave them to him. man his smile just makes my heart jump and its hard to keep my thoughts PG when i am around him. That feeling i haven't felt in a long time. ANYWAY!!! her ate the cookies and i asked him how they were. He told me the only thing they were missing was my phone number! i could of died. I thought this guy must be joking. he's way out of my league. Hes the kind of guy you see with a pamela anderson look alike. Some size 0 blonde bombshell. I'm so not in that catagory. I'm 6 ft tall and weigh 215 pounds. I'm an ex army medic and i work in law enforcement, lol not the girlie type at all. But i have alot of good things about me most of these things don't matter to people this day and age. So here i am in a awesome but awkward moment where this hott guy is asking for my number and what do i say? I say whatever, then laugh and go about my work. I'm a dumbass i know, i thin i just blew it i say to myself! But thank the lord he knew what a joker i am and he asked for it again about 5 minutes later. So i gave him my number! WOOO-HOOOO i was so excited. This guy actually asked for my number. So later that night I get a text message. It was rob and he asked if i missed him. did i ever! we talked for awhile had a great conversation. i like this guy more and more. we set up a date to hang out on monday evening. I was so excited i couldn't wait to go. Monday evening comes and no phone call. no rob. no nothing. I waited ans waited. I should of known i say to myself as i listen to music in my room. I just should have known.So i start feeling like amybe i should just call it quits this isn't a good way to start anything. so i texted him and told him that i would see him around my workplace and hope everything was ok. I got a call around 9pm he asked if i was mad. I wasn't mad i was disappointed. and i told him so. Its thursday now and he barely texts me anymore i hardly see him anymore and we have yet to go out on one date. LOL my luck i swear, Are you thinking what I am thinking lol IF he ain't callin then he ain't interested. So i try to leave it be. Yesterday i didn't hear from him at all.So I tell myself i have never chased anyone and i ain't about to start now. If someone doesn't like me for who i am then they can kick rocks. these are the things you tell yourself when you want to feel better when what your really feeling is if only i was 30 pounds liter if only i was prettier if only i was this and if only i was that , he'd like me, he'd call me if i did look like pam anderson. Because face it you can have all the honor and integrity in the world. You could be freakin mother theresa but what really matters is tits an ass people. you get everything with tits and ass. Its crazy. So I brace myself for a long lonley life LMAO. Its really not so bad i do really enjoy being by myself but somedays it would be good to know that you have someone who has your back and who thinks you are beautiful. That would be nice. So now i hae put the thought of Rob out of my mind, and then Chris calls me up. NOw Chris is a fishing buddy of mine. Also very fine. Chris is awesome, he's sweet and funny and a great fishing buddy. well turns out that we flirted and stuff but decied to stay friends. Out of the blue he calls me yesterday and asks me to spend some time with him friday night, But it doesn't sounds like friends hanging out if you know what i mean lol. So i wonder about that, Its funny. the things we go through in a avarage day lol
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