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Sep 2012
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Goebbels New How to have Blinders on other Folks!

Henry Wilder Foote IV 11:54 AM - +1'd on - Public

YES, the Nazi propaganda leader, Joseph Goebbels, did show the World how to PROPAGANDA, to a high level in order to keep the "blinders" on for many folks, in many countries! One of his thoughts was to say it loudly, and enough, that it makes it a "true" thing for many "folks"!

We have that "problem" everywhere in our Earth Planet, and certainly in our USA! It's interesting to me that "we" use "liar" in our "propaganda" as if it was OK - when "WE" really want the "truth", but do not "THOUGHTFULLY THINK IT THROUGH!

Perhaps, it is simply a "short-cut" to deny the "truth", that needs some more work with their "own minds", in order to go to the "best goal" for everyone!

The Old Goat

California Democrat John Burton calls Paul Ryan a liar, comparing his tactics to those of Nazi propaganda director Joseph Goebbels � GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has been called a liar, but that pales in comparison to what a top California Democrat said about him on Monday.
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