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Feb 2007
1:29 AM CST

Elisha Makel Lynn
Written: January 2007

My Sister

Today's a new day, it started off right,
Until I recieved a phone call later that night.
It was my sister callin' me.
She said she had a rough night.
Later on, I'm driving beneath the moonlight,
Heading to a bar I call a dive.
When I arrived, she was toasted.
With the help of two guys,
We were on our way past the motel lights.
I look over at her and wonder
How raising three boys must feel.
When she needed help the most, she was all alone.
Until the night I recieved a phone call.

This is for my sister, Erica Rice. I think about
you all the time, and I'm always here if you need
me. I love you and be safe.

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