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Feb 2007
1:28 AM CST

Elisha Makel Lynn
Written: Spring 2003

Turning around, A speeding bus.
It's coming after us, no, it has caught us, and two other cars.
Fiberglass and metal tangling together like siblings fighting.
Glass flies as wild as a caged bird being freed.
Glass in my hair.
Oh God! It's everywhere!
Blood-stained clothes from the cut in the back of my head,
Broken bones, bruises, and lost memories.
Our truck is an accordian; No use saving it now.
We CAN'T pay the hospital bills,
Bill collectors suffocate us.
But it's only the endless chase with reality.

This poem is dedicated to my mother, Frances Rader.
When I was 10 years old, my mother and I were rear-ended
by a city bus on our way home. My mom's neck was broken,
and I got staples in the back of my head. I have never been
so scared. I thought I was about to lose my mother. So, this
is to you mom, I love you, and be safe.

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