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Feb 2007
11:24 AM PDT

Well, I'm bored to heck, so I decided to add another entry.

Hmm...what to type about? What about...the future? What high school am I going to go to? What college? Who am I going to marry? How many kids will I have?
So many questions to be answered. Thing want them all to have a right answer.

High School: I don't know
College: A good one, one that will get me a healthy education, while I'm enjoying it. Hopefully, I'll get a scholarship.
Marry Who: Um...does a celebrity count? LOL, I wish. Somebody who will love me and care for me for the rest of their life. I don't have a name, but he's out there somewhere. Alas, I'm talking about getting married and I'm only 13. Plus, I 'swore off' boys, remember? Silly me.
Kids: Um...2?

So many questions, but I answered some of them. That's a good thing, right? I don't want to grow up. All the problems with money, being a parent, and random things are just too much to handle! I want to stay 13 forever, with no worries except for what to wear to the dance. Many people I know are craving to youthful again, and that's why I'm thankful for being a kid now than being a kid during World War 2. But it's still the same; we have a war against Iraq, and people are dying everyday. At war, at home, at school, it's not safe. It's too dangerous now. Whether it's sickness, retarded people, or just accidents that happen. That's why I try to think positive and not about this cruel world. Peer pressure seems nothing to me now. But a while ago, I was deep in it. I was about to drown until I talked to my parents, who told me not to care and just pray to God to protect and heal you. I listened, and it worked. Being popular, having style, alot of friends, and a hot boyfriend is just crap to me now. I'm only 13. I have so much time to achieve all of that. Not that I need to, but I could. I want to focus on school, get all of my assignments done, be on the honor roll (like always ;D), and be successful later in my adult life. If you focus on your social life most of the time, your chances will lower of having that. And's only middle school. High school is worse, right? That's why I'm building up now; all will pay off later when I'm a freshman.
You think I'm a girl who thinks too much, huh? I don't blame you, I get that alot, LOL. I hate thinking too much sometimes; there are things that happen that you want to forget, but I can't. I keep thinking about it for awhile, analyzing all the details and predicting what will happen next. Like, hello, earth to me! It's a moment in your life that happens and passes on, not a reading assignment.
Oh well. I'm not like that anymore, and I'm proud. A girl like me should keep my head held high with total confidence.
(Girl Power! Meow!)
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