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Feb 2007
10:53 AM PDT

Hey. Today, my parents bought new furniture. Hooray. Also, I want to talk about a friend of mine. She goes to my school, and is in three of my classes. She's nice and everything, but there's just something about her that I find annoying. She's always sad or depressed most of the time, and she won't admit it. She'll always say, "Nothing's wrong." Pssh, sure. Oh..we're doing a project for reading, and I couldn't find a person to research. My teacher said we could work with a friend, so I asked Deanna*. Deanna said okay and we went to go find a book together (we were in the library). We found a book on Isabella, the Queen of Spain, and sat down at the tables. We started skimming through the book and wrote down some info. Then, I thought this project would be easy, since I had someone to work with. Wrong.
When the bell rang, I packed up my stuff, and started talking to Deanna about how we were going to share the book.

DEANNA: What? Um..I'M doing Isabella, remember?
ME: ??? What? I thought we were gonna work together.
-We were working on it like, 2 seconds ago!-
DEANNA: No, I didn't say that. -starts hugging the book like a child-
ME: Deanna, you said we could!
DEANNA: Psh, no I didn't! I'm working on Isabella, not you.
ME: Then why didn't you tell me before?! Then I could've checked out a book on a different person!
-You made me waste freaking time?!
DEANNA: Whatever.

What person would actually do that? Tell a friend you would help her out, and back out the last minute. Now, here I am, stuck with a-soon-to-be 'F'. Thanks Deanna. Anyways, she's just.....annoying. Or boring. It's like she doesn't want to be my friend, but she does. I'm like, quit lying and just say it! You don't need to make someone annoyed for nothing! She dislikes most of my friends, just because she doesn't have that much as I do.
(That sounds selfish, I know, but I'm on a roll here)
If she does something biznatchy again, I'm gonna explode, right in her face. Seriously. But I hope she'll change.

SAM!!!! How I would love to meet him someday. His smile always makes my day. Always. I want to be the REASON he smiles.
(Corny alert xD)
But I'll have to give him up someday, somehow.
But the someday hasn't come yet ;)

*=Name has been changed
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