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Feb 2007
11:44 AM PDT

Boys are stupid!!!!!
Well....most of them. Why do they enjoy messing with our feelings? It hurts, obviously. Gosh, they are so....frustrating!!
For example, you like a guy, right? And, you're wondering if he likes you back. He gives you hints, then cuts you off later in the day, and when you're getting out of 7th period, he's giving hints again! Back and forth, all the FREAKIN' time! That's why I'm thinking about swearing off my boys until the appropriate time. (Hmm..thinking about it) Why can't they just pluck up the courage and go up to us? Oh, right, they have feelings too? Sure they do, but they don't seem like it. I know I'm not making sense here. That's what happens when I freak. Aaaaaahhhhh! I can't type anymore. Maybe later.

I know you think I'm weird. =)
2 comment(s) - 08:38 PM - 02/01/2007
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