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Feb 2008
10:15 AM EDT

i havent done this in along time but yeah things are going good. i am finally getting what i want and thats good. the guy i like has a girlfriend but i still get to talk to him. but yeah hes so sweet but then so dumb and the best part is he doesnt even like her she actually gets on his nerves but yeah i got him where i want him. but any way i found out that he actually was forced into going with her by her desprete ass i hate her but i love that he wants me more than he wants her lol but yeah im over it now i want a new challnge maybe that guy i saw at the bus stop
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    Interests: im like so random its ridiculous ill tlk about anything anywhere, and im into all kinds of music. like my fav band rite now is daughtry they are like ttly hot on vh1 rite now oh and my fav colos are pink and green yes b/c of AKA i wanna b a junoir so itll b fun when iget in college. and i ttly wanna go to harvard or duke maybe even smu. i havent made up my mind. but hey im only 15 so i can wait a while.

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