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Apr 2009
10:39 AM EDT


�The thin i dread the most is hate! Why people do it amazez me! The other thing is gossip! Ahhhh! These 2 thing should have never happend on earth in my prospective, why people do it?�I dont now, but i do now how it feels to be talked about or hated and its not fun at all! The Bible�says who ever hates is like a murder and murders will have enternal suffering after life (hell). When i hear some1 talking about me it emidately feels like some1 just burned my heart and leaft a scare. And suddenly you feel like the whole world just crashed in your eyes ecspesualy when its one of your friends! Who are they to tell me or you that im wrong and their wright when they don't live in my life! who could tell you your lying that you just baught a new dog (this is an example) when

1. they wernt there when you baught it

2. they haven't seen it

3. they dont evean now where you live

it agravates me! But 1 thing i've learned in my life is 2 forgive the lyers and gossipers help the helpless and be friendly 2 the people who have no friends.

�And fix the broken hearts that you find!

� A friendly note from

�Heart peace girl

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