Apr 2009
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I know, I�haven't written for a while. But not too uch has bee ngoing on. Just everyday drama... yuck. But Ryleys Is made at me and Jacey cause I am "replacing her." I just get so irritated cause she treats Jacey like crap and I always try to be there for her. But Ryley doesn't tell her anything but she expects jacey to tell her every fricken detail that goes on in her life. Jacey doesn't have much drama except for Ryley. But Jacey really likes tis guy and they talked every night for like two months but then he thought it would be best to quit talking becase he lived a while away. (Not at the same scool as Ryley's bf) but He just texted her the other day saying he was sorry and her still really liked her and he didn't forget her. Jacey wanted to tell Ryley but she didn't know. She ended up telling her and Ryley was like "Cool. I�think Mackenzie is talking to him too." Mackenzie is this girl who is really slutty and she "likes" everyguy she talks to. Of course Jacey was upset. Her feelings get urt really easily. I ujt get so frustrated.

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