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May 2011
6:00 PM EDT

dream log 11

May 20, 2011 2:23am

Had a dream Phong drove to my house for something (I don't know what for). �Also Stewart was in my dream, like he came from behind me and gave me a hug. �He then says that he misses me. � the very beginning of the dream, Isaac calls me (I don't know what for, but oh well). �Also when Phong drives away (in a shiny new looking red car) some other people were leaving too (I don't knew who). �During the part where Phong was at my house, Tiffany was there too. �So I'm guessing Tiffany is going to see Phong soon and Stewart is still a butthead. �Oh and when Phong was leaving, I said, "Peac-e" and he did too :3
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