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May 2011
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Dream log 10

May 16, 2010 4:22am

Had one dream with a lot of different parts the first part was about me goin to bed late and I look at the clock and it's like five am or something. The second part was about something had to do with a show called Phil of the future or something like that. And it was about a device that did math homework. And then some adult tales it away because they don't want to kids to e using all the time or something. �The last part was about me at my bus stop (at the end of the school day) (well i was alittle bit away from my stop, i was like at the corner i turn into before i just walk straight for awhile and then turn into my neighborhood) sitting down and doing homework. Thn somehow I end up somewhere away from my books and crap and the wind starts to pick up and the clouds (which were already grey) were getter a bit darker. So I start heading over but somehow I end up trying to jump up the side of the road (idk don't ask). I saw mishala in a car and also marissa and two theres. Mishala asks them to drive beside me so that she cam say hi. And thats where the dream ends.
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