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May 2011
2:10 PM EDT

dream log 9

May 4, 2011 5:30am
Had a drive that was on a vacation �island thingy first with the dance group and having fun...sorta. Also while I was out with my parents on that same trip I was collecting a lot of money that I found, then when I go to give a man money that my family owed him (for something we asked him a favor to do) the money was for something like for attitude (idk). I also remember somewhere in my dream I eat money >< and (in another part if the dream) I clean up moss from the ground begin I spilled plants and water on the plants. (I heard mrs. Hunt's voice in there). Whats weird is that I got the mess up with water (like I soaked up the moss with water and papertowel).�
Somewhere either in a dream or another, I dreamt that I was learning something or something because there was a person who gave my class a bunch of candy and crap like we were in a store or something. Idk >< can't really describe cause it's very random.�
Then I had a dream where I was baby sitting a bunch of kids and I see Sebastian and Jacob walking up my driveway 0_0 so I hurry to the door to the garage, only to discover that one of the kids (I think I was doing a daycare thing, it seemed that way) was trying to take off one of the door knobs =.=# (the front door). So I decide to fix it. Then when I got to the door, finally, and answers it, Sebastian and Jacob get in a car (idk from where but they were walking not driving up my driveway) and started to back out of my driveway. And I was like WTF?!! Also Sebastian was looking at me A LOT. Even like through my bed room window where the blind was open (he even walked back to my window to tell me something but I pretended to talk to someone else in the room (I think Callie was in my dream) and then they just kept going to the garage door), AND when Jacob was backing out of my driveway. Weird....why was I dreaming that?!!!!! Especially Sebastian, Jacob I can see sorta why, but not Sebastian.�
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