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Nov 2015
11:30 AM MST

Again. He spends time with me... makes me feel special... always wanting sex. With promises of attention later. I know it's a lie. But, again I believe him. I want his attention so badly. I want him to care about me. I give in, as I always do. I want to be good enough. He meets me for breakfast. To break up with me again... it's like an additional torture. To keep telling me how it is not ever going to work.... making me feel bad about caring for him. ...making me feel stupid.. inadequate. .. he says he knows he is a negative part of my life. He is. He hurts me so much. And I keep letting him. I don't know why. I go home alone...I am angry.. Mostly at myself. He says I push people away. I am afraid. I can't handle being hurt anymore. I just want someone to hold me. I just want someone to love me...
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