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Aug 2009
3:05 PM CST

Uncertain, Texas

So, this weekend I made a little trip to Caddo Lake. Along the lake lies cities of all sizes and shapes. In the midst of them is a little town called Uncertain. Now, I was staying at the state park down the road but I had to venture out to see what was in this town with a curious name.
� Arriving there I came across a flea market where I met a man who makes amazingly beautiful baskets from old lasso ropes. Using nothing but his hands, a wooden board, and a wood burning tool he solders these lassos into amazing works of art. It takes him hours to do but he sells them for unbelievable prices. He said he gets the rope from the locals and that using the old rope is so much better for the strength of the baskets. It has less wax, making the baskets stronger. I watched as he was working on� another basket. He has them in all sizes and shapes. Some even have more than one rope with different colors layered together. If you get out to east Texas, you must stop into the flea market in Uncertain. It is open the first and third weekend of each month.
� My next stop was at the Uncertain General Store & Grill. They open at 11 am every day but Sunday. I like the fact that they keep their Sundays free. I think more people should give themselves just one day off for rest and relaxation. Speaking of rest and relaxation, this is where you check in to get a tour on a paddlewheel boat. The "Swamp Thing" as they call it was custom designed for clean and dependable tours. It is electric push and can go in waters as low as a foot. It has comfortable seating with awnings to keep the rain out and the sun off your shoulders. The owners are Johnny and LaLette Fletcher. These are some of the nicest people I have met in Texas. If you want some southern charm and to feel like you are at home, they will make you feel just that way.
� Their boat carries up to 16 passengers at a time. We were the only two there early so they welcomed us aboard. I thought we would wait til the boat was filled up but Johnny took us right out. He was so excited about giving us the tour and told us all of the stories of the lake and the truth behind the name Uncertain, Texas. He knew where all the animals were living and took us into the backwoods of the lake. He showed us beavers homes and he knew how big they were and how long they had been there. He told us about the various wildlife and wanted us to see one of each species. We learned all about the natural habitat and the plant life. He was proud of the "Swamp Thing" and told us where each part of it had come from and how it was built. I spent the rest of the night telling everyone I met that they must take a tour with him.
�� In the evening we came back to Uncertain to the General Store & Grill for a taste of Caddo Lake. The owner, Kay, is very friendly and welcoming. You can relax at the back of the diner and watch the lake as the sun falls. They serve frog legs, gator, shrimp, and catfish. You can keep it southern and have a chicken fried steak or even a burger. The sweet tea lets you know that you are home. We had ours and took a glass to go. The gumbo and etouffee was mouth watering and enough to fill us past the full mark. Be sure to get a few souvenirs on your way out the door. Something to remind you that you have certainly been to Uncertain.
�� I can not wait to make my next trip to Caddo Lake. I will definitely be stopping in to see Johnny, LaLette, and Kay once again. I am ready for my next paddlewheel boat ride.

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