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May 2003
8:32 AM CST

Search for Robyn's Mother Results Thus Far

So far I have found a woman with her mother's name who I believe will be the correct one. She got married in Hill County to a Harris.Someone had stated that there was medical things such as high blood pressure or diabetes that may have run in the family.� These things would cause other problems so I will continue my search with the following criteria...

Possibly divorced again. Search for records under Harris for divorce and last known address. Robyn sometimes wears glasses and with high blood pressure and diabetes possible in her family, glasses would be a complication of those diseases.� Robyn also has a lead foot and gets tickets a lot so her mother may as well.

Hippa laws prohibit doctors from giving information so here is my game plan. I will call the optometrist and medical centers in the area I believe she is in. I will tell them that she is searching for her mother and give them here information. I will just ask that if she is a patient of theirs that they give her the information. I will also call police stations to see if they may have any information that is free to the public. Such as, tickets, accidents, etc... Wish me luck!!!

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