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Jul 2009
11:01 PM EDT

another day

well i guess some people dont like how i say tha word 'shit' in my entry's but i really dont care becuase i am not writing these to make people just tellin how my days go n then when i see my theripist fo my anger problems n shit i can just have her read tha shit i write n wont have ta talk much............

sooo anyways today after work i was jus chillin n shit n my man asked me if i wanted ta go ta his guys house n chill and i was like aight so he was all rushin me n shit n soo i get there and bang on his door and nobody is coming but i can hear them yellin inside sooo i was like aight and i called him n he didn't answer soo i called his sister and im like soooooo u jus finna let me stand in front of ur door fo another 5 mins n she started laughin n she was like gurl i aint heard nobody knock u at tha door n im like do i have ta kick ur ass n she opend tha door n she was like u gotta knock louder and i was like shit u no damn well if i pound on ur door yall finna think its tha police n really not pick up and everyone started laughin so i went up ta my mans room and his ass was still in tha shower n i sat on his bed with his lil cousin "miss thang" and we was talkin shit bout him and i was like he rushed me n he in tha shower im like i knew he was doin that n we watched some tv n shit and then he finally came out like in his boxers so i put my hand ova his lil cousin eyes n im like ugh u dont wanna see that n he looked at me like im dum lol n then sooo me, him and his other cousin "teddy bear" and i drove ta his guy house and on tha way he was talkin his shit soooo i slaped him n tha face and so he grabed tha wheel and made us swerve and i was like bitch dont make me beat ur ass n he like do it and ima crash ur shit, un button ur seat belt and run lmao and im like just wait till we get out this we get ta his guy house and he live with his women and she is like a animal freak ...we walk in and theres a big ass cage that is basically filling tha wall and theres a big ass lizard n it n then we went in tha living room, where tha pool table is and theres another freakin wall thats a cage for another lizard and then she got a big ass bird cage with a bunch of damn birds and then she has like a million cats..they like everywhere soooo im sittin on tha couch and shit watchin my man and his guy play pool and his guy is drunk n actin dum laughin at everything and his guy friend is ova there drunk off his ass to just talkin all loud and messin wit tha lizard bout ta get eaten n tha cats are like all climbin on me n shit n my baby lost..then mr teddy bear played and he lost and so it was my turn and i aint played in years soo like i hit tha ball 2 times and tha damn black ball went in and i lost soooo then my man and his guys was in tha kitchen talkin stupid shit that i dont wanna know bout and smoking ciggs and shit makin my eyes burn´┐Ż and sooo me and mr teddy bear played a game of pool cuz we was bored and i won this time and thennn we drove back ta my man crib and kicked it with his family and watched some tv and did dum shit and jus was goofy and then i went home and now im makin some food n ima have ta try ta get some sleep soon cuz i gotta meet wit my student adviser guy bout pickin my classes for collage again sooo yes oooo and for that female that dont like my entrys this is for you.....SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT have a lovely day

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