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Jul 2009
11:46 PM EDT


Well i was finna go ta sleep at round 12 n i was in bed n everythang n then my man kept wakein me up n shit soooo i said fuck it n went down stairs n shit ta work on my outfit n make something ta eat n we basically didn't talk bout nothin on tha phone ..jus basically talk shit ta each other back n forth cuz i mean thats what we do best n shit ....then he was like ima hit you back n im like yeaaaaaa allllrightyyyy ill hear back from you n like 2 hours n he goes i dunnnnnnoooo n im like ok maybe 3 n he was like shut ur ass up n im like uuuuuuup soooooooo then at 1 something he calls me back n im like hello n he goes GOOOOOOOOOOODNIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT n i started laughin cuz i been bitchin at him fo tha past 3 days he aint been pickin up cuz he normally say goodnight ta me n shit sooo when he said that i just started crackin up n im like DAMNNNNNNN its like that baby n he was laughin n he goes GOOOOOOOD NIGHTTTTT n im like aight babe goodnight n he goes yea yea yea ..he like ill call u in tha morning n im like aight...n now im watchin some movie on bootleg n shit wide awake n cant sleep

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    About Me: basically if u need advice im here...but tha thang is, ima tell it like it is, im not gonna sugar coat shit, im not gonna take pity on u, ima tell u tha truth and give you real advice and not just tell u want u wanna hear...if you want real advice im ur gurl.... im 21, goin to collage to help out of control teens, wanna one day work at a juvy facility

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