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Jul 2009
5:19 PM EDT

more shit

sooo since tha last time i man been actin funny n shit n aint picked up tha phone n 3 days n shit sooo i got sick of it since fo tha past week he would call me every hour and we would fall asleep on tha phone n shit ....sooo i texted him n i was like aight tha fuck u ignoring me n shit...n he texted me n was like what u mean n im like shit i call you dont answer tha fuck it that shit and soo he called me n shit and he was drunk ..just left tha bar with his cousins n shit n he was like what�u mean ..u dont wanna fuck wit me no more and im like i didn't say sayin u better change ur shit up cuz i aint finna have you do me wrong n he was like sorry baby i was jus hustlein n thinkin bout money and shit fo tha past 3 days i wasn't tryin ta ignore u n shit n i was like all u care bout if ur fuckin like u finna be lonley n shit n he all like tellin me how i mean so much ta him and that he think im really tha one fo him that can help him do better and help him stop huslin n shit n sooo we still see...

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    About Me: basically if u need advice im here...but tha thang is, ima tell it like it is, im not gonna sugar coat shit, im not gonna take pity on u, ima tell u tha truth and give you real advice and not just tell u want u wanna hear...if you want real advice im ur gurl.... im 21, goin to collage to help out of control teens, wanna one day work at a juvy facility

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