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Jul 2009
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Watched tha movie "tha unborn" n i gotta say i felt like i already watched it..theres gotta be a movie that is jus like it cuz i was disapointed how i could guess what was finna happend before it happend....i mean it made me jump a couple times n shit cuz i always do that with scurry movies...then i fought with my mans cousin a lil ..u no talked some shit back n forth n then kicked it with my lil woman....then drove my man ta walgreens and he woudln't let me come in cuz there was some black boys with long nappy ass hair in there and he no how i love ta braid soooooo he made me sit in tha car so i was bangin my music with his hat on n tha black boy with tha long hair came out with his friends and started dancin n actin dum ta my music ...he was prob drunk ..i jus laughed at em..he was wit some geeky white gurl pushin a stoller with a mixed like couple month ol baby...she didn't look happy that i was laughin at her man but its ok i really dont care...yea my man n his cousin had ta get they damn flamein hot cheetos cuz they fat asses...fuckin cheeto heads....n now im back home still paintin graffiti on tha outfit im makin...tomorrow im gettin my hair dyed like miss keyshia cole in this video hairs already curly...yea i love keyshia cole n her krazy hair colors i think she soo damn man dont understand why i gotta get my hair done n shit fo my trip cuz he think im on some otha n on some sneeky shit but whateva ill jus beat his ass later and he will get ova it

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    About Me: basically if u need advice im here...but tha thang is, ima tell it like it is, im not gonna sugar coat shit, im not gonna take pity on u, ima tell u tha truth and give you real advice and not just tell u want u wanna hear...if you want real advice im ur gurl.... im 21, goin to collage to help out of control teens, wanna one day work at a juvy facility

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