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Jul 2009
11:57 PM EDT

catchin up

Lets seeeeeeeee.....

Saturday: Went ta tha dells with tha black family that raised me...went on a rollor coster fo tha first time n almost died

Sunday: legs was dieing from all tha walking from tha water park and i took my mans twin 2 year old daughters ta tha zoo wit him ..gotta love bay bay kids

Monday: got in a fight with my neighbors boyfriend cuz he jus a plan ass hole n i really wouldn't mind if he jus like stoped living

Tuesday: was my moms birthday and we basically didn't do shit cuz she didn't wanna do nothing so i jus made her a big ass birthday sign for her to wake up to

Today: My man urked tha shit out me cuz i asked him if he wanted ta kick it and he was like yea what u wanna do and im like i dont care i jus wanna see u and hes like well think of something and im like i aint got any money right now and he like u dont need money ta kick it and he like call up one of your friends and see whats good with them and im like i dont have any friends and he like yea you do and im like no i dont and he like whateva and im like shit will u shut ur ass up and find something fo us ta do and he like call me back when you think of something n im like whateva cuz i dont got nothin n then i hung up on him and then played ball with my ma n brother and beat they ass like always and then he called me and was like did you think of anything yet and im like naw i already told you i got nothin find something fo us ta do and he like call one of ur friends and im like man will u jus shut ur ass up i already told you i dont have any friends cuz i dont get along with females and he like stop lieing i no u have friends and im like u really urkin me n shit and he like u startin ta make me mad and im like whateva and then he like bye n im like click and i went back n played ball n then i went inside and worked on tha outfit im makin fo my lil trip ta see my sister and then he called me n we finna watch a movie tomorrow sooooooo he says n shit cuz i neva get my hopes up with men cuz shit aint finna let no man bring me down n shit sooooooo i guess we will see and we sat on tha phone fo like 2 hours talkin n basically bitchin cuz he dont like it when i ask questions about anythang even stupid shit soooo we got going at it again n shit n now im watchin family matters till i fall asleep

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