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Jul 2009
6:52 PM EDT


Finally went to sleep at 7 in tha morning, Started thunderin n lightin, so bad that my room was shaking....just tha way i like it!....Then my man called me at 9 in tha morning and i was like ummm im finna sleep till 12 n then ima call you and he like aight so then i went back ta sleep and my alarm neva went off sooooooooo he called me at 2:15 n woke my ass up. So i went ta tha bank and took out 700$ fo tha trip im goin on ....had ta drive ta my man house give him 100$...spent bout 20 mins with him basically talkin shit cuz he was outside with house shoes on, and just shorts on....with his shorts pulled down ta basicaly more then half way down his boxers and basically was walkin round fixin his cousins car half naked so i had ta give him some shit and pull his pants up...then i had ta drive home, get ready for work......Then after work at 6 i was suppost ta drive ta tha other side of town to pick up this youngin and take her home but i guess she already has a ride tomorrow...then i drove home and now im babysittin this bad ass lil boy who dumped a half of bottle of water on me before i got out tha man is out doing whooooo no's what but at least he calls me every time he goes to a different house....tha parents aren't goin ta be home till 2 soooo i get ta sit here andddd tomorrow i gotta get up and go ta tha dells with tha black family that raised me ....i dunno im jus really annoyed right now cuz im bored n i got my damn period.........thaaaaaaaaaa end

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    About Me: basically if u need advice im here...but tha thang is, ima tell it like it is, im not gonna sugar coat shit, im not gonna take pity on u, ima tell u tha truth and give you real advice and not just tell u want u wanna hear...if you want real advice im ur gurl.... im 21, goin to collage to help out of control teens, wanna one day work at a juvy facility

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