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Jul 2009
10:23 PM EDT

Everyday is tha same ol shit

Well�lets see....what kinda bullshit�went on�today...�

I got a letter from my ex (who has been in prison fo tha past 4 years). I�aint talked ta him since he was put away becuase basically he was a abusive relationship and i was kinda glad when he was sent to prison cuz then i didn't have ta listen ta his bullshit no more, but anyways tha letter basically said that he is gettin out of prison next year in March, tha under age female he cheated on me with is pragnet with who knows baby, and he "claims" when he gets out he finna give me tha money he stold from me which is almost 2000$...we will see bout all that cuz if he really is gonna give me tha money, he better give it ta his mama ta give to me, cuz i aint tryin ta see him......

Aight so i was goin out with this boy bout 3 or 4 weeks ago and this boy was lame. The second day we was together, he tryed to treat me. He basically made plans with me to hang out and shit and while i was at home waitin on his ass to pick up his phone so we could chill, he desided he was gonna go out with his friends, so that made me mad and i snaped on him when he finally called me at like 1 in tha morning and when i snaped on him he tryed ta treat me. He was like, how old is you and im like u no damn well how old i am and he like well u actin like u 15 n im like aight u no what im finna hang up on ur ass cuz u aint finna try ta treat me....soooo then i hung up and didn't talk ta him tha rest of the night and tha next day he kept callin so i was like WHAT! and he like so i guess u still mad at me and im like u guess huh and he was like im sorry blahblahblahblahblah n im like let it happen again and u wont be seein tha next 3 days he neva would pick up his phone, he neva would call me back, tha 10 mins i spent with him, he bitched bout how i talk to loud and bitched how i was hyper and bitched basically bout everything bout me so i was like why tha hell r we together and he like cuz i love you and im like folks we only been together fo not even a week what u mean u love me and he all u tha first gurl i eva loved n im like uh huh...then after that he still jus kept being a ass so i was like u no what this aint finna its 3 weeks later or whateva and his ass blowing my shit up! calling me all tha fuckin time n im like dude leave me alone and he textin me n shit and im like stop fuckin textin me AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!! his damn mama (this boy 18 by tha way) his mama started textin me...talkin bout how i should give him another chance n im like he treated me like crap i dont really feel comfortable doing that and she texted me none stop for 4 hours and if i didn't text her back she would be on my ass all like are you there, what u doing ....blahblah n im like im sorry but i dont want ur son back and she was like dont u believe in second chances and im like i already gave him a second chance and she all like people can change blahblahblah n im like OMG KRAZY ASS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo today he called me 3 times in tha morning and i didn't pick up and he was tryin to get me to come to his house ta braid his hair and he talkin bout he gonna pay me and ummm when we was together he woudln't even let me see his hair he always had a due rag on n shit so im like thinkin uh huh he jus tryin ta get my ass ova ta his house so he can bug tha shit out me n try ta get me back sooo i didn't even answer him cuz he can go somewhere.....

I went to work at tha doggy day care place i work at and my new boyfriend (been together fo like 4 days, but been friends fo more then a year) he was talkin shit cuz i have to pick up dog shit sometimes at my job n shit....its ok cuz i no he jus playing n shit cuz he knows ill beat his ass if i thought he was disrespectin me...shit i was like at least i have a job ....tha fuck lol n he got all mad....

soooo my man at tha moment...he is in collage...but tha thang im tryin ta work with him on is...he is at tha moment "hustling", which i dont like cuz i neva tryed drugs n i dont like being around them...i mean it is my fault cuz i knew what he was doin before we got together but u no i always gotta think i can help people and change with with my love n shit....he says he only doin it until his job starts up in a month so i mean thats better then nothing..but i rather him quit cuz i hate that shit....tha other day he was on tha phone wit me and he said that he was talkin ta his cousin and they are thinkin bout quitin tha hustling game n shit cuz he said that i am tha best gurlfriend he had n shit and since he no it important for me that he quits that he might jus do it cuz he knows i dont care if he broke or not ...only that he works a real job and doens't smoke or drink n do that stupid shit sooooo u neva no i guess ima have ta see it for myself cuz i hate him being on tha streets n shit like that...but besides that he seems good for me, i mean i aint finna get my hopes up cuz when i do they always fuck me ova...but i mean are first day was fuckin round at tha zoo..which was fun at least i dont gotta be all actin grown n shit, i can have fun with this guy n act stupid. plus he calls me everytime he leaves tha house n tells me what he doin all tha time ...its nice...he was like u no if u was one of my ex's i wouldn't of gave a fuck if u wanted ta no where im goin cuz i really didn't give a fuck bout them but u different and speical so u deserve this special treatment n shit n im like shit u better call my ass n tell me where u goin o ima come ova there n beat ur ass and he like thats why i like u ...cuz u krazy LOL! ooo shit gotta love em...he says he likes chillin wit me cuz it keeps him off tha streets...sooo i dunno i guess we will see where this goes....well its 1:22 in tha morning i suppose i should try ta get some sleep

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