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Aug 2010
10:41 PM I

Roller Coaster

Today i did �a Roller Coaster. I was up as usual at 5 in the morning however not knowing that i will be enjoying a great ride. Dad was seen moving from one room to the other, appeared as if he was hunting the slippers which he often forgets. This time it was a whole lot big cradle kinda stuff that he pulled out and then without much caution he lifted me and there i drowned uncomfortably in the Black looking monster. Dad got back to work and his roving hands were trying something or the other. Finally he got the lever right and there i was in a lying position. I was all set for my first longest journey in the PRAM, that is what they call. It felt great with the speeding gush of wind and the trees passing by. I enjoyed my rounds in my society perhaps for the first time. I liked it much and am made to understand that , it would be a common feature now.�
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