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    burqunde  31, Female, Pennsylvania, USA - 26 entries
Jun 2010
3:48 PM EDT

���������������������������������������������� WHY��������������������������������������������������������

�Why would u stay if u really didn't want to be with me?
why would u feel my head with lies that this was meant to be?
why would u wisper "i love u"in my ear all the time?
why did u let me think eveything between� us was fine?
why did u let me play the fool for so long?
why did u let me dance everytime they played our song?
why did y have to be the person that held the key to my heart?
why did u leave in the end when u were there in the start?
why do u get me missing u so much?
why did u have to be my frist kiss and my first touch?
why did u give me you coat when we got caught in the rain?
why were u always there to ease my pain?
why did u tell your mom you finally found true love?
why did u tell me i was special because i was sent from above?
why were u always the sunshine to my stormy weather?
why with one look from u everything seemed better?
why? just tell me why before u say good bye.

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