Pain not SEEN

May 2008
2:38 AM EST

part 1 -- hello

Loosing it beyond control,

The story of my life,

That no one knows.

I love to sing,

I love to write,

The pen in hand,

I hold so tight.

Poems with love, happiness and joy,

Sorry but that’s not me.

That would be some one else sweet pea.

Darkness, sweeter then hell,

Lies, nothing like a fairytale,

Is what I write,

So come with me,

As we all say good night.

I look out the window,

Of this old broke down house,

I remember what it is,

That I was all about.

I open the closet door,

And hold my small head high,

Because if not,

I am bound to cry.

Nothings apart of me,

In this old empty house,

Nothing but the blood shed on the wall,

Tears, no happiness at all.

Like a caged bird I sat and I sang,

Of freedom, for life that I may lead.

Like a caged bird, I sat and I wrote,

Stories of a life, that everyone took as a joke.

Now though, I’m sitting, here.

Loneliness, compressed by nightmares.

Daddy don’t hit me,

Daddy please stop.

Eyes rolling,

Heart not.

I’m hiding a life you see,

One of bitterness,

No drink of sweet tea.

I’m crying,

But no one knows.

My hearts flying, beyond that rectangle window.

Now I’m looking in here you see, a life that I was supposed to lead.

I hold my head high,

As I walk down the stairs,

This is where I begin the night mare.

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