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    swordbearer  65, Male, New York, USA - 21 entries
Jun 2010
7:32 AM EDT

How retirement feels to a man with no money.

It's been a little over 5 weeks since I retired and I see the benefits and shortcomings of living on one's own schedule. I feel the freedom and ability to flex to anything I need or want to do. But at the same time I need to constantly be creating schedules for myself to remain busy and productive, else boredom WOULD set in. I feel no special pressure over what day it is, no Monday blues or Friday anxiousness, no Saturday relief or Sunday resolve to start Monday over again. On the other hand, I feel no days at all. Each day blends into the next and I often forget what day IT IS! I have been exercising more in the gym but I haven't lost any weight because more of my day is spent in front of the computer doing my ministry. I clean the house and cook, a nice little house husband. I hope that there is rewards in heaven for this and that the ministry is blessed because of the work in it. I am socially deprived. My wife constantly goes off to work and I am left with no one to talk to. I am despirate for other folks to talk to. But the good side of that is that I am spared the constant over and over complaining that I heard when I was working. So all in all I am glad I am retired but learning to adapt. It will take a few months but I will get a routine that I can live with because I think the routine is what I miss most. A lonely Swordbearer.
1 comment(s) - 08:52 AM - 06/28/2010
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